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Autowfix are the UK’s premier mobile fitting service and their team of expert engineers have supplied and fitted thousands of caravan movers to satisfied customers all around the country. So when it comes to recommending a mover, it’s got to be the best, because it’s their reputation that’s at stake.

Autowfix recommend Purple Line Caravan Movers Why? Because they can fit them with confidence – and they know that their customer will get peace of mind from having a mover that will do the job – season after season.

In fact, Autowfix are so confident in the quality, performance and reliability of Purple Line Movers and their customer service they now offer a FIVE POINT SERVICE GUARANTEE * and if we fail we will give you a 10% back.

 Sale price for caravan club members ONLY £649, have your membership number when calling to secure your price


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 Ideal for the single and twin axle caravans, powerful, reliable and durable 

For ONLY £668 installed nationwide and with a full 5 year parts and labour warranty

This is the ideal solution for moving your caravan around in the most cost effective way possible.





The Enduro 2 QUAD system also known as the AWD system is the ultimate moving system for your twin axle caravan.

The system is a must if you need to turn your twin axle in to tight spaces.

Included in the price is the spare wheel carrier adaptor kit or re location of the spare wheel, the price also includes all extras needed ie re location of any water pipes that may be in the way when installing, all this for ONLY £1499.





The Ego is the sister caravan mover to the Enduro 2

Ideal for single and twin axle caravans with the same great cover of 5 year parts and labour warranty and ONLY £799 installed nationwide this is a great offer.






The EGO AWD system, this is one of the most powerful AWD systems on the market and with the new advanced electronics is the most reliable system on the market.

The ultimate in moving your twin axle caravan for the most demanding situations and back by the 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Again as the Enduro there is no hidden charges, the total price fitted is £1799


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All our caravan movers are backed by our unique 5 year parts and labour warranty

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